Follow Our Future: The End of a Childhood Journey

Kindergarten graduation 2021-2022 school year

? So the CLOSING CEREMONY of the 2022 class has officially ended. ROSEMONT is very happy that the school has achieved its goal, helping our children to have a solid stepping stone, marking the maturity for young travelers on the path of future development. ?

? To achieve that success, it is impossible not to mention the great companionship and help from the Venue and Equipment Sponsor – ISPH – The International School at ParkCity Hanoi. Once again, ROSEMONT would like to send our deepest gratitude to ISPH for assisting the school during the Ceremony. ?

?? ROSEMONT’s closing ceremony as an activity is both a sweet and cute experience but also full of laughter. In the Year End Ceremony, the children confidently expressed themselves with extremely unique and attractive musical performances. In the serious atmosphere of the ceremony, under the guidance of their teachers, each class of students brought many exciting and exhilarating dancing and singing performances such as: Dance Swalla, Hokey Pokey, Boom Boom mama,… Certainly, parents and teachers were very proud to witness and look back on the change and growth of their children on this day. The moment when the children lined up to receive their diplomas together, sharing joy, love and positive energy made the teachers so happy. ??

? At the ceremony, the Board of Directors of ROSEMONT gave very sincere speeches, sent deep congratulations and thanked the companionship of parents and students during this past school year.

Unfortunately, there were times when the children had to stop going to school because of the long duration of the Covid-19 epidemic. But thanks to the efforts of teachers, school staff and students with the companionship and support of parents, both teachers and Rosemont students had a successful school year. with loads of joy and happiness.

? ROSEMONT American International School would like to thank the parents and students who attended the Closing Ceremony. We wish you and your children a happy and warm summer break.

? We wish you all the confidence to fly high, fly far, to continue to grow in your new school, succeed in all your choices and achieve your dreams!