In our efforts to continuously improve service quality and school-parent communication, Rosemont American International school has engaged an IT service provider, KidsOnline, to provide the KidsOnline smart kindergarten communication system (via the KidsOnline app for Android phones on Google Play and for iOS phones, on App Store) for use in our kindergarten.

KidsOnline is a cloud-based system for communication between the kindergarten and parents, centered around the child.

Ứng dụng KidsOnline

The KidsOnline app on a smartphone will help parents to:

  • Update and proactively follow your child’s day at Rosemont: their learning activities, eating and sleeping activities; their interactions with teachers and classmates; and his/her progress report in key developmental skills.
  • Record and update your child’s height and weight (in time-based graphs), health status, key health parameters and medicine usage history;
  • Two-way communication on the app with the class teacher about your child’s activities and behavior at school.
  • Use the app to conveniently request and registration with the kindergarten, including: send medicine reminder, register for bus pickup/drop-off, request sick leave for your child and register your child for extra-curricular or elective activities

Hotline: Call 1900.0362 and press # 1 for support.

Instructions to Install and Activate

Step 1: Download the app to your smart phone

The KidsOnline app for parents is available for both iOS and Android phones. Here is how you can download and install the app on your phone:

For parents using iOS phones (i.e iPhone and iPad)

  • Please go to App Store
  • Search “KidsOnline” as key word; you will see this logo KidsOnline
  • Follow the instruction to download KidsOnline app to your iPhone or iPad.

For parents using Android phone

  • Please go to CH Play or Google Play
  • Search for “KidsOnline” as the keyword; you will see this logo KidsOnline
  • Follow the instruction to download KidsOnline app to your Android phone

For parents using a computer

Step 2: Log in

The School will create an account for parents to use.

  • Username: Phone number (mother or father, each student can have 2-3 accounds for parents/guardians).
  • Initial password: 123456 (please change your password after first logging into your account).

Step 3: Enjoy the convenience and functionality of the KidsOnline app!