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Rosemont Happening - January, 2019



   This is the 1st newsletter of the year 2019. May I take this oppotunity to wish all the family and children a happy and prosperous new year! I hope that all the children of Rosemont have a great year ahead together with the school.


   For the month of December, we have been very busy cutting, pasting, painting and drawing to decorate the whole school to welcome Christmas. The school looked amazing after being decorated. We also practiced very hard the selected Christmas songs for the Christmas concert on 21st December. On that day, all the parents are happy to see us perform our very first performance. We have tried our best to make the parents happy by singing very loud and dancing beautifully. Well-done, little Rosemont boys and girls and Thank you, all the parents who have given support to our Christmas concert and party! We hope to receive your continuous support and co-operation


   In the month of December, we welcomed Da Yeon and Do Yoon to Rosemont family. They are sister and brother. They come to us from Splendora An Khanh, Hoài Đức. Da Yeon and Do Yoon settled very quickly into their class and they are both very happy at school now. Da Yeon is a cheerful and bright girl, who always help me translate and take care of new Korean children coming to visit our school.


   The recap of the weekly themes: Christmas is the big theme for the whole school. All the children were really interested in decorating the school with all the Christmas art work, such as Christmas tree, picture of Santa Claus, Snowman, Baubles, etc.) The whole school was full of red-white and green with colorful flashing lights. The special event was “Christmas Carols and Party”. We were so proud of our students for the first time ever performance on RAIS stage.


   The other theme of December is about Animals (pets, water animals, jungle animals, insects). This was the main themes for Joey and Dinosaur Class. The children had great time to learn and explore about different animals through Youtube videos. They also made beautiful animal artwork. They were so proud of their painting of a big whale and wanted to show other their masterpiece. One afternoon, when Ms Bich is putting this whale up on the wall, the children running to Ms Lan and shout: Ms Lan, the whale is coming. It is clearly that their English is improving day by day. Besides that the children also made “Ocean in the bottle” in Science lesson. They used cooking oil, glitter, glue, blue food dye to make the ocean bottle, they shook the bottle to make waves. They were really proud of their work.


   The themes about Vegetables, Flowers and Fruits was for Piggy Class. They learned a lot of vocabulary about vegetables, flowers and fruits by playing flash cards. They were interested in the experiment of “How plants absorb water” and also enjoyed painting flowers. Due to the bad weather condition, we cancelled Swimming and Outdoor activities. We will start again when the weather is getting better and warmer. We are planning an excursion to “Vietnam National Museum of Nature” to help them to have more understanding about the themes they are doing with at school on Friday next week.


   The above activities are really useful to the learning theme and we are sure that those will be unforgettable memories for each child.


Paint shirt


   If you have adults’ old T-shirts at home that you don’t use, please donate to the school for us to use as paint shirt for our students in art lessons. Thanks!


Semester 1 Report


   Semester 1 reports are being completed by the teacher and will be sent to all the parents at the end of this week. Semester 1 report will tell you how much progress your child has made. After reading the Semester 1, if you would like to discuss further with your child’s teacher, please schedule for a visit directly with the teacher.


Tet Fun Fair


   As usual, we are always busy with our activities for each period of time. This January, we will be preparing for our Tet Fun Fair, which will be organized on Sunday 27th January, 2019. We are organizing fun activities for all the children such as traditional games and activities, making Chung cake, making Tet cards, face painting, etc. The children are making some products to sell at the fair as well.


   Some of the activities need coupon such as food stall, making Chung cake, calligraphy… and the coupon will be available for sale at the office from next week. We will make a note to inform to you when the coupons are available.


Dancing Club


   The dancing club for the children from 4 years old has commenced since last Friday. At this point of time, the school is providing this activity to Rosemont’s children free of charge. We will collect the fee for this club after 2 months free. The children are enjoying this activity very much. We don’t provide bus for the children who attend the after-school club.


Tet Holiday


   Please be advised that RAIS will be closed from Monday, 4th February, 2019 to Friday, 8th February, 2019. School will resume on Monday, 11th February, 2019.


   We will write another note to remind you before the holiday.


Best regards,

Marian Dondero

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