Rosemont Happening - February, 2019 - Rosemont American International School

Rosemont Happening - February, 2019

February, 2019

Dear Parents,

In the month of February, we warmly welcomed Jae Hee, Hong Phi, Mai Khanh, Gia Han, Thao My and Gia Bao to Rosemont family. They all settled very quickly into their class and they started to participate in the class activities now. We also welcomed Ms Rebecca Elizabeth Anderton (Becky) from Manchester, UK. She was trained to be a Kindergarten teacher and had 3 years teaching experience working as a kindergarten teacher in VAS, Ho Chi Minh City. She was really excited to get to know you and your children and be a part of Rosemont family.

The recap of the weekly themes: Spring and plants and vegetables. The children were interested in talking about the Spring and weather in Spring. In Joey Class, the children were interested in the “Rain experiment” during Science lesson. They put water in a cup, sprayed shaving cream on water and dropped some blue food coloring. Tah dah. They got the rain. They also enjoyed making the kite and flew the kite together in Art and Craft. In Dinosaur Class, the children learnt the colors of the rainbow and painted beautiful rainbow in Art and Craft lesson. They planted the seeds during Science lesson and learnt how to take care of plant and what a plant needs to grow. In Piggy Class, all the new students have settled in very well and started to follow the class routines. They love singing and dancing with teachers and are learning to paint and color.

The children were so excited with music lesson on Tuesday 26th, February, when Mr Nelius, the music teacher came with a friend who is a musician from Israel. They set up a small concert for the children. They play the piano and guitar and sang happily with all the students.

With the themes about Spring and plants, we are planning a picnic to “Hanoi Botanical Gardens” to help them to have more understanding about the themes they are doing with at school on Friday next week. They also have the chance to experience the fresh air and the beauty of spring with a lot of trees blooming, Spring green. The picnic also helps the children learn how to share and take care of each other in teamwork.

The above activities are really useful to the learning theme and we are sure that those will be unforgettable memories for each child.

CLASSROOM CHANGE: Due to the need to open more classes, we are going to relocate all the classrooms: Piggy Class is moving to their room next to the office, Joey Class is moving to current Piggy Class, Dinosaur is moving to the next room. The change will be from next week.

Best regards, 


Marian Dondero


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