Principal’s Message - Rosemont American International School

Principal’s Message



Greetings and a very warm welcome to Rosemont American International School in Hanoi (RAIS).  


   RAIS offers an engaging early childhood and elementary curriculum addressing a wide range of different learning style preferences, developmental domains, and critical subject areas. The curriculum derived from the Pennsylvania State Standards, a unique set of educational standards well recognized in the United States of America, provides the framework for this excellent curriculum to evolve.  


   The curriculum design at RAIS integrates the paths of "how children learn," "what children know and want to know,” and “why children need to know."


   Providing the critical blocks for education, RAIS curriculum offers instruction in all major subject areas through thematic-based instruction that motivates learners through meaningful, connections and experiences.  We expose our students to many cultural experiences through art, music, dance, and performance arts to enrich their lives and broaden their worldview.  Self-development and leadership are core values in all of their experiences.


   Our dedicated faculty and staff deliver a full English language immersion program through an inspiring and motivating learning environment.  Our students are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century with the skills and knowledge to contribute significantly as a global citizen.


   The administration, faculty, staff, and students invite you, our families and community members, to partner with RAIS in supporting a premier international school in Hanoi.  This energizing learning environment mirrors the proud spirit of each member of the school community lives daily.


Warmest regards,


Marian Dondero