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Back to School Letter to Parents

Welcome back! There is an exciting year awaiting, designed to promote and enhance your child’s grow and development. This very important year promises one filled with discovery and joy as you child works and plays in an environment that is warm, safe and challenging.

The structure of daily activities is carefully planned to encourage independence, self confidence and group co-operation through large groups, small groups and one-on-one participation in a variety of hands-on, interactive experiences. The activities will incorporate instruction and skill reinforcement in reading readiness, mathematics, science and social studies, art, music, fine and gross motor skills, social emotional skills and language development.

You will notice the focus of curriculum centered around theme unit and related selections of literature. This is the core of our integrated learning and these units of study will be used to extend across, and connect all of our content areas. In doing so, your child will see the continuity of his or her learrning and the application of skills will become more concrete. Learning will be real and learning will make sense!

We would like to keep you update of the following new things in the new school year 2019 – 2020:

  • More school days is added to the school calendar and it increases from 200 to 213 school days per year.
  • Morning exercise from 8:00 to 8:15
  • Morning snack has changed to Breakfast and it will be at 8:30 in the morning
  • Weekly assemble on Friday every week to honor the stars of the week
  • Late pick up class for late pick up students.
  • Dance Club for students from 3.5 years old will be activated from the 2nd week. Please note that we do not provide bus service for the children who attend Dance Club.
  • Swimming activity will only be for children from 3 years above due to new rule on nursery students go to Hapu Swimming Pool.
  • We will send the registration form for Late Pick Up Class, Dance Club, Swimming Class and Excursion through the class teachers. If you would like to register for your child in any activity, please fill in the forms and return to your child’s class teachers. All the above activities will start on the 2nd week and the 3rd week of the school year. The class teachers will inform you of the specific schedule.

A good news that I would also like to share with you is our school is growing with 5 classes for the beginning of the school year: International Penn 5, International Penn 3-4, Hybrid Penn 4, Hybrid Penn 3 and Hybrid Penn 1-2. So this school year we welcome the new teachers Ms Kirsten, Mr Eddy, Ms Dung, Ms Huong and Ms Loan to our team. Let’s extend our warmest welcome to the new teachers!

We are so looking forward to working together with you to make this coming school year the most successful school year. Please feel free to write to the school and teachers should you have any question regarding your child’s kindergarten experience.

Your sincerely,

Ms Lan Operation Manager

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