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Rosemont American International School educates an international community of young learners through an engaging...


   At Rosemont American International School we believe language plays an essential role in all learning areas. We recognize that language...

  • Rosemont Happening - August, 2019

    Rosemont Happening - August, 2019

    Dear Parents,

    On behalf of the RAIS faculty and staff, we extend our warm wishes to you and your families as we proceed to our exciting second school year. We hope we will all have a successful school year ahead.

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  • Back to School Letter to Parents

    Back to School Letter to Parents

    Welcome back! There is an exciting year awaiting, designed to promote and enhance your child’s grow and development. This very important year promises one filled with discovery and joy as you child works and plays in an environment that...

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  • Rosemont Happening - June, 2019

    Rosemont Happening - June, 2019

    Tomorrow is the last day and it is going to be a fun day for all the children and teachers and member of Rosemont. In the morning, we will enjoy watching...

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  • Rosemont Happening - April, 2019

    Rosemont Happening - April, 2019

    In the month of April, we warmly welcomed Minh Anh, Minh Son, Huu Long, Duc Nhan and Quoc Khanh to Rosemont family. All of the new students have settled in very quickly into their class and they started to...

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